This is How It Works

An upflush toilet is not exactly a new technology. It has been around for some time. Actually, going by its benefits, you would be forgiven for thinking that many people have installed this toilet in their home. However, that is hardly the case. I just installed one at home a couple of weeks ago. I am amazed at the excellent performance of this contraption. Actually, I posted a picture of the toilet on my Instagram, and my friends showed a lot of interest in this toilet.

I have found out that they are all interested in knowing how this toilet works so that they can install it in their homes.

How the upflush toilet works

Macerator pump

This toilet has a pump. To be precise, it has a macerating pump. From the word macerate, you can guess what this toilet does. First, all the solid waste goes through this pump. The essence of this is so that it can be chopped up into small pieces. The waste is then mixed with water, forming a fine sludge that is quite easy to flush out of the toilet. To do this effectively, the macerating pump has been designed with a small rotating blade. This is the one that chops all the waste into small pieces. The pump is powered by a small battery.

Installing the upflush toilet

From the above part about the macerating pump, you must think that this toilet is quite hard to install. On the contrary, it is not. If you care to look for reviews left online by other users, you will see that this toilet is easy to install. However, there is no preventing you to hire a professional plumber to do the job for you. Considering that you can install this toilet just about anywhere, even in the basement, it is quite plausible to hire a professional to do the installation for you.  

You just need these four items to install your toilet

Pipe picture
  • Toilet pumping system for an upflush toilet
  • Water supply
  • A discharge pipe of about 1 inch, to 1,5 inches
  • Electricity source

As we did reiterate before, just let someone with skill do the installation for you. That way, there is no trial and error. Besides, this is a one-time install. Once it is done, it is done and finished with.

As you have no doubt seen, you do not need hammers, mallets and such heavy stuff because you do not need to break the floor. This is an on-the-floor installation toilet, and very effective too. However, you will find that it takes more space than, say, a wall-installed toilet. After all, it is a 3-piece toilet with the waste tank, water tank and the toilet bowl itself.

The long-term benefit that you will enjoy with this toilet is that it saves on water. You can look at the gallon per flush setting before you order yours. Usually, many come with 1.28 GPF, which is quite good. Another benefit is that this toilet works just about anywhere. You can install a toilet easily in the basement since you do not even need to break the floor or anything.