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This is How It Works

An upflush toilet is not exactly a new technology. It has been around for some time. Actually, going by its benefits, you would be forgiven for thinking that many people have installed this toilet in their home. However, that is hardly the case. I just installed one at home a couple of weeks ago. I am amazed at the excellent performance of this contraption. Actually, I posted a picture of the toilet on my Instagram, and my friends showed a lot of interest in this toilet.

I have found out that they are all interested in knowing how this toilet works so that they can install it in their homes.

How the upflush toilet works

Macerator pump

This toilet has a pump. To be precise, it has a macerating pump. From the word macerate, you can guess what this toilet does. First, all the solid waste goes through this pump. The essence of this is so that it can be chopped up into small pieces. The waste is then mixed with water, forming a fine sludge that is quite easy to flush out of the toilet. To do this effectively, the macerating pump has been designed with a small rotating blade. This is the one that chops all the waste into small pieces. The pump is powered by a small battery.

Installing the upflush toilet

From the above part about the macerating pump, you must think that this toilet is quite hard to install. On the contrary, it is not. If you care to look for reviews left online by other users, you will see that this toilet is easy to install. However, there is no preventing you to hire a professional plumber to do the job for you. Considering that you can install this toilet just about anywhere, even in the basement, it is quite plausible to hire a professional to do the installation for you.  

You just need these four items to install your toilet

Pipe picture
  • Toilet pumping system for an upflush toilet
  • Water supply
  • A discharge pipe of about 1 inch, to 1,5 inches
  • Electricity source

As we did reiterate before, just let someone with skill do the installation for you. That way, there is no trial and error. Besides, this is a one-time install. Once it is done, it is done and finished with.

As you have no doubt seen, you do not need hammers, mallets and such heavy stuff because you do not need to break the floor. This is an on-the-floor installation toilet, and very effective too. However, you will find that it takes more space than, say, a wall-installed toilet. After all, it is a 3-piece toilet with the waste tank, water tank and the toilet bowl itself.

The long-term benefit that you will enjoy with this toilet is that it saves on water. You can look at the gallon per flush setting before you order yours. Usually, many come with 1.28 GPF, which is quite good. Another benefit is that this toilet works just about anywhere. You can install a toilet easily in the basement since you do not even need to break the floor or anything.

A Good Toilet

Our center is almost up and running. However, a few things are holding us up. While the kitchen is all done, we have a small delay with the bathrooms, with the installation of the toilets. However, we are planning to make this happen as soon as I can get the required upflush toilets. Thus, I am in the market looking for one, as it were.

If this is the first time that you, like me, are hearing about the upflush toilet for the first time, you could be having a hard time trying to wrap your head around it. What does it mean? Well, I have done some research and I have decided this is the type of toilet that I am going to buy for all bathrooms at the center.

Just as the name suggests, this is an up flushing toilet. What this means is that it flushes the waste upwards rather than upwards. Actually, there are so many benefits of using this toilet. Do not be surprised if you find this toilet being referred to as a macerating toilet. It is just another fancy name for an upflushing toilet.

Would you buy such a toilet? Well, first, see the benefits below:

You do not have to dig up your bathroom floor

The regular down-flushing toilets are best installed when you haven’t done the floor yet. This is because you may have to break a number of floor tiles so that you install the toilet correctly. With the best upflush toilet, it does not have to be that way at all. You can install this toilet right on the floor without requiring to tamper with anything.

Easy to maintain hygiene

This is a self-cleaning toilet. What this means is that every time that you flush the toilet, it clears everything in the toilet bowl, leaving it clean. Just because it is an upflush toilet does not mean that there are any complexities in getting the waste to go up. It is a very hygienic toilet.

Fast and easy installation

Since you do not have to break the floor or the walls in your bathroom, you will do a fast installation job. Tell you what, if you are handy with your hands, and can handle a couple of tools, you do not even need a professional to help you with this toilet. You can do it alone!

Good for low-pressure water lines

This is a good toilet for people whose main water lines have low-pressure. Believe it or not, it is also a good toilet for low quantity of water.

These are only a few benefits of installing an upflush toilet at home. There are more, but now, I would like to bring you a couple of reviews of upflush toilets that I am planning to buy for our home.

Standard SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet

Standard SaniPLUS Upflush

This one takes the top spot for many lists of upflush toilets. Looking at it keenly, it is quite easy for you to see why. This toilet has many stunning features. One of them is that it has enough pressure to pump fifteen feet upwards. In the process of the pumping, it breaks up the waste into small pieces that will be easily drained out through the 1.5-inch diameter drainpipe. This toilet is easy to install. You do not need to break the floor to get to the water pipes. It is an on-the-floor toilet installation toilet.


  • Simple to install
  • Built to last a long time
  • Looks good with the elongated bowl
  • Sold with good warranty


  • It is an expensive toilet

Liberty Pumps Ascent 2 Upflush Toilet

Liberty Pumps Ascent 2 Upflush

Just as with the Standard SaniPLUS toilet, the Liberty Pumps Ascent 2 upflushing toilet has a very effective macerating pump. It is able to chop the waste into small pieces such that when the waste meets water, it turns into a soft sludge that is so easy to dispose. This is an economical toilet because it can cleanly flush number 2 at 1.28 gallons per flush. That is incredible! You can have the best toilet and save on water at the same time. While this is not a space saver like the best wall hung toilet (check it out!), it still works quite well, even for small apartment bathrooms.


  • Saves on water a lot
  • Fast maceration of waste
  • Easy installation job on the toilet even for people with no skills
  • With such a toilet, you can set up a bathroom anywhere


  • It is a bit noisy

Wall Hung Toilets?

Toilet picture

I have been doing my research about wall-hung toilets. I have realized that these toilets became popular in Europe a long time ago. In North America, they just made entry into the market a few years ago. In fact, today, there are many homeowners who have never heard of a wall-installed toilet and my dear old mom is one of them. When I showed it to her, she could not help wondering just when her only daughter went bonkers. However, I decided to educate her on the importance, and benefits of wall-hung toilets. And no, these are not only good for the hotel bathrooms. You can install them at home too and enjoy the benefits as below:

They are good for limited space

If you live in a town apartment or a small condo, then you know just how squeezed the spaces can be. However, with a wall hung toilet, it does not have to be so at all. You can create more space by using such a toilet. There is no space lost at all. This toilet gives you more space in the bathroom.

Easy to clean your bathroom

Woman cleaning the bathroom

When you have a toilet that is mounted on the wall, it leaves you enough space to clean all the area around the toilet thoroughly. You can even be able to clean under the toilet. This is something that you would not be able to do with the regular toilet that sits right on the floor. You will also find the toilet easier to clean inside the bowl. Besides, you will not have to bend as much as you would when cleaning the traditional toilet.

It is very stylish

Have you ever remodeled your bathroom in such a way that you felt that you could actually show it off to your guests? This is the kind of feeling that you will get when you install a wall-hung toilet. Believe it or not, it is that stylish.

Just that bowl hanging there, with nothing underneath it, with no waste pipes visible, no water pipes visible… this toilet looks so good. It also creates the illusion of a very clean bathroom even when you are a few days behind your cleaning schedule. Just because it is where you do your ablutions, a bathroom does not have to look so drab or boring.

Stunning styles for everyone

That is right, there is a sleek style for everyone, irrespective of your taste. Some of these toilets come with bolder lines, no sexy curves at all. Others are the exact opposite of that. They come in slim, nice looking curves. This is why we said that these toilets are very stylish. If you like your toilet to look square-ish in nature, there is such a toilet for you. Just make sure to look around widely before you order one, and you will get one that appeals to your taste.

Install a toilet at your best height

Traditional toilets have a fixed height. Wall-hung toilets are very customizable. If you are short, have the plumber install the toilet at your most comfortable height. It is your toilet and your bathroom, so do not worry about your guests too much. If you are tall, have it go higher. That is how flexible these toilets can be.